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Gold Coast Prayer Times Australia - Salah times - Athan Time - Namaz Time - Azan Time

Gold Coast Prayer Times - Salah Times in Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Prayer Times Australia - Salah Times - Athan Time - Namaz Time - azan time, Get prayer times in Gold Coast:

  1. Fajr time Gold Coast
  2. Dhuhr time Gold Coast
  3. Asr time Gold Coast
  4. Maghrib time Gold Coast
  5. Isha time Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Prayer Times Australia - Salah times - Athan Time - Namaz Time - Azan Time

Gold Coast Australia and its intriguing history uncovers a famous Australian city that sits in a delightful southeastern corner of the Australian territory of Queensland which itself sits in the upper east corner of the west coast of this island country. Any individual who is going through Queensland and meaning to visit Gold Coast will chance upon an incredibly interesting and mainstream city. 

Inside Queensland, Gold Coast is the second-biggest city as far as populace and the 6th biggest in the country. Also, of the non-capital urban communities situated in any of Australia's states or domains, it is the biggest of all. The actual city is broadly eminent for the nature of the bright environment and the subtropical climate it is a consistent all year presence. 

The city is a major draw for surfers, all things considered, and can gloat about various extraordinary sea shores for surfing. Truth be told, a couple of them are standard stops two or three expert riding visits. Along the shoreline, there is countless high rise type apartment complexes in which a considerable lot of the city's more notable individuals dwell. Toward the west, the city can flaunt a wonderful tropical jungle.

Gold Coast takes a backseat to no Australian city when it comes to the quality of its nightlife and it is a fact that sightseers and tourists understand this and are eager to partake of the nightlife. Indeed, the city can legitimately bring up the nature of various attractions and places of interest that help to make Gold Coast nearly as famous as Sydney. There are likewise more than 450,000 occupants around there.

The first European to lay eyes on the area which eventually became Gold Coast was the famous English explorer James Cook, who sailed past the area on his ship Endeavor. He noted its location in his log on May 16th, 1770. In 1802 another explorer named Matthew Flinders noted its location on the survey charts he was compiling for the region north of the relatively young colony of New South Wales.

Australia is a land that brags on occasion of being partly colonized by prisoners. Indeed, more than a few escapees from the prison colony at Moreton Bay hid out in the area after escaping. Additionally, other prisoners who had been transported there found ways to stay after serving out their sentences. Colonization began in 1823 by John Oxley, who set landed at Mermaid Beach.

The modern day birth of the area in terms of its popularity probably kicked off in 1925 due to the efforts of the locally famous developer and hotel builder and owner Jim Cavill. Through his efforts -- owing in part to his construction of the Surfers Paradise Hotel -- the area known as Elston began to grow. The city took on the name Gold Coast in 1958; six years after Cavill had passed away.

These days, Gold Coast Australia is proud to note that well over 10 million visitors a year stopped in to take advantage of the nightlife, the many opportunities for surfing and other water recreation and a myriad of tourist attractions spread all around the city. Sitting like a jewel on a particularly beautiful stretch of coastline, tourists find the city extremely beautiful and completely fascinating.